Attribute each user to the Ad which really had an impact!
Every mobile marketer wants to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, especially as it involves spending money on advertising. We’re here to help you understand what happens to your money and help you optimize your Ads.

Audience Builder

The Audience Builder takes care of the hardest parts of retargeting and engagement.
Easily build the audience list you would like to Retarget or Re-engage based on your in-app events with just a few clicks.

Fraud Prevention

You’re spending more than you think on Fraud installs! We protect your money by various types of Fraud Prevention such as SDK Signature, Anonymous IP Filtering, Distribution Modeling and etc.


Get user specific analytics besides their behavior
What are your users doing? When are they opening and closing your app? What are they tapping, swiping and watching? Where are they dropping off and churning?
All of it based on the channel they came from!

Why Adtrace?

We provide leading technology, deliver unmatched services and training, and offer some of the best value in the industry, no matter how big your user base is. AdTrace provides more transparency, reliability and flexibility than any other measurement partner.

Unlimited raw data access

We give you direct access to your raw data on our platform.


Nothing is hidden from you, We show you how each user is attributed or identified as fraud and our SDK is open-source.


We help you from the very first step to your prosperous future.

Easy integration

High throughput design
Test environment

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Ready to start tracing your growth?

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